WordPress Multisite Launguage Switcher & Page ID

Effortlessly Manage and Sync Multilingual Content Across Your WordPress Multisites

Here’s how it works:

Exclusively for multisites, this plugin seamlessly bridges language gaps. Whether it’s Danish or English, effortlessly
guide users to the right page or post. Say goodbye to language barriers and welcome a world of interconnected content!

Multisite Language Switcher—because your content speaks every language!

Multisite Content Tracking

Easily manage and track pages, products, and custom-post-types with the same content across different languages on your WordPress Multisite setup.

Unique Page SKU System

Connect your pages or posts across multisites with a unique Page SKU, a simple id, text, or number, via a convenient postbox menu on your edit-pages

Multisite Language Switcher

Gain access to a multisite language switcher that can be effortlessly integrated using a shortcode, improving your site’s usability for multilingual audiences.

Manage Your WordPress Multisites

This plugin will help you keep track of pages, products and custom-post-types with the same content just in different languages in a WordPress Multisite setup. 

It will add a postbox menu to your edit-pages where you can add a “Page SKU” this is what connects your pages or other posts together across multisites. You just need to add the same unique id, text, or number. 

The menu gives you easy access to go and edit the same page on a different multisite. If the SKU doesn’t exist on one of the multisite you can easily copy the current page with all its content and categories to that multisite. 

The plugin will also give you access to a multisite language switcher, which can be easily added with a shortcode. 

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Here at WP Nordic, we regularly update our plugins for better performance and user experience. Check this section to stay informed on the latest enhancements, new features, and bug fixes for our diverse plugin offerings.

Version 1.2.2


  • Added icons for license status.
  • Fixed problem occouring when trying to generete SKU’s.
  • License for subdirectory multisites are now located on the network admin.


  • Fixed Multisite Language Swtich for archive pages and frontpage.


  • Now, the plugin extends its support to archive pages, ensuring compatibility as long as the archive page shares an identical slug across all multisite subsites.


  • Moved the Multisite Language Helper settings page to the WP Nordic primary menu within the WordPress dashboard.


  • Added user prompts for licens key when plugin is activated


  • Added license key check


  • Fixed updating


  • Fixed ‘none’ flag


  • Resolved blog switching


  • Shortcode renamed to [wpn-language-switcher]


  • Changed name to WordPress Multisite Launguage Switcher & Page ID


  • Small bug fixes


  • WP Nordic


  • Add language SKU’s to all Pages and Post types


  • CSS: Language Switcher fix – Safari


  • jQuery fix
  • Adjustments to Language Switcher Shortcode.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Initital release.
WP Nordic