Effortlessly design, create, and manage captivating popups for your campaigns, newsletter subscriptions, and more. 

Here’s how it works:

SnapNote enhances the popup creation experience, providing user-friendly tools to design and handle a variety of popup styles, perfect for campaigns, newsletter registrations, and beyond. It features a customized text editor and selectable column layouts, giving you a clear preview of how your popup will appear to users.

Create & manage popups

SnapNote significantly elevates your WordPress popup creation experience. Each popup element can feature captivating text, images, or interactive components, providing a richer and more detailed interaction with your audience.

Seamless Popup Integration

SnapNote simplifies popup creation in WordPress, offering customizable, easy-to-use popups. This enhancement streamlines your site’s user interface, boosting interaction and engagement effortlessly.

Intuitive User Experience

SnapNote is crafted prioritizing user ease and engagement. With its intuitive design and streamlined popup management, you can effortlessly create and modify popups, maintaining a clear overview and seamless interaction on your site.

Tailored Popup Experience

SnapNote transforms your approach to popup design in WordPress. This innovative plugin introduces a new level of customization, allowing you to seamlessly integrate text, images, and interactive elements into each popup. This enhances both the visual appeal and effectiveness of your content, ensuring clear communication with your audience.

The innovation doesn’t end there. SnapNote elevates popup design with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. This significantly enhances the overall user experience, making popup creation and management more intuitive and engaging. 

Affordable Pricing

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Here at WP Nordic, we regularly update our plugins for better performance and user experience. Check this section to stay informed on the latest enhancements, new features, and bug fixes for our diverse plugin offerings.

Version 2.0.1


  • Fixed errors that prevented the popup from displaying when no openOnPage or openOnPostType where set.


  • Changed license key status notice to be icons. 
  • Added selection for popup size and popup background color/background image
  • If column has both image and text, the text will be shown on the image.
  • Dashboard with overview of existing popups and button to create a new popup.
  • Text editor has been customized to only allow certain operations
    • Font, font-size, font color, alignment, bold, italic, underline and link
    • Also added custom toolbar button for line breaks and custom toolbar button for added call to action button.
  • License key  and language is now combined under settings, instead of each having its own tab.
  • Open button is now animated down when popup opens, and up into place when popup closes.
  • By setting the href to #snapnote-modal-id={id-of-your-popup}, you can open the popup with a link.
  • To make editing easier, layout on admin does not change anymore (unless one column layout is selected). 
  • Button to clear your browser storage for any SnapNote data has been added. This is meant only as a way for you to quickly adjust settings as time-to-open.
  • Added a new size called Small (portrait) which is only avaiable to select when one column layout is selected.


  • Minor styling fixes for overflowing images in the modal.


  • Minor style fixes for button and modal.


  • Added user prompts for licens key when plugin is activated.


  • Initial release.
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